Post-lockdown Fencing Resumes

As with all operators of sporting facilities, The Newcastle Fencing Centre has struggled with the changes associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. A complex web of rules from national and local government, sports governing bodies and then from individual schools, colleges and universities has made compliance extremely difficult.  However, Head Coach Iain Aberdeen set about the task with patience and enthusiasm, navigating the Trust through the labyrinth.  However, just before the Monday Club Night on 6 October, there was an all-too-brief relaxation of the guidance: the time allowed for combat/bladework was increased to 20 minutes per person.  For the adult beginners’ sabre class, this was music to their ears.  An hour of free-play at the end of the evening meant a whole hour of fencing, two fights on and one fight off, which was something of an ordeal for three out of condition, less-than-young gentlemen involved, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.  Later, Iain commented that the sight of the three sabreuses brought tears to his eyes.  Whether they were tears of joy or frustration, he would not divulge.