Surviving the Covid Pandemic

The Newcastle Fencing Centre is poised to reopen as Covid-19 restrictions are eased following the second lock-down.  The fact that the Centre and the Trust that operates it have survived the lock-down is a cause for celebration.  The Newcastle Fencing and Sports Trust gratefully acknowledges the support it has received from bodies such as Sport England and Newcastle City Council.  Grant funding, both in specific sport related grants and Covid-19 support, has not only helped to keep the Trust afloat, but also supported investment in some new kit and equipment as well as the creation of the new website and e-commerce platform.

Included in the new kit and equipment are replacements for worn-out fencing kit, new electronic and “whizzer” targets for the pistol shooting ranges and new laser pistols.  Meanwhile the new website, which was launched on 26 March, provides the ability to book and pay for fencing and shooting lessons as well as the hire of fencing pistes and shooting lanes.

In summary, the Fencing Trust is in good shape to return to business as normal as fencers and shooters return to the centre.